Firework Season Is Here- A Few Ways To Help Your Dog Cope with This Difficult Period

Firework season is here! This can be a very unsettling time for our pets, especially our dogs. Although it may now be a little too late this year to try and improve serious cases of firework and noise phobias. There are still many things we can do to help our dogs cope with this difficult time. Walking in daylight hours can help prevent your dog being caught unawares and startled whilst out on a walk.

#lockdownpuppy – How To Overcome The Challenges Of Lockdown

Puppies that have been acquired by new owners during this “covid era” have been subject to some unusual and difficult challenges. Perhaps the biggest challenge and the most influential on the puppy’s future behaviour being their socialisation and how to safely and effectively carry this out during lockdown measures and restrictions. Socialisation is the gradual process of getting puppies used to meeting other dogs, people and other animals, as well as introducing them to different

Returning To Work After Lockdown – Separation Anxiety?

As the current Covid19 restrictions are starting to be gradually relaxed and we start to think about returning to work. It is an ideal time to consider how your dog will adjust to being left home alone and how we can help them with the transition back to “normal” after they have become used to constant company and attention. Separation anxiety is a term often used to label dogs which struggle to cope in some

Online Dog Training- How Does It Work?

Due to the current Covid 19 Pandemic we have started offering training sessions as well as behaviour consultations online. These are commonly used by behaviourists and trainers in assisting and communicating with clients who live at a distance from the usual area covered by us and we will continue to offer these after the pandemic is over. When carried out correctly online consultations and training sessions can be just as effective as conventional sessions in