Our behavioural consultations are aimed at more serious and complex inappropriate behaviours such as aggression, fears and phobias, separation anxiety and reactivity.

Behavioural consultations are available only once your dog has been examined and referred to us by your vet with a completed referral form. This is to rule out or identify any health concerns which may be influencing your dog’s behaviour.

Our behavioural consultations are available as two sessions, both two hours each. A behaviour modification plan as well as phone and email support are included between the sessions and for up to six weeks after the second session. Additional sessions are also available if required.

The behavioural consultation process includes:

  • Initial phone call to discuss your case and advise of any emergency management protocols if required
  • Behaviour questionnaire (this helps us learn more about your dog and assists in accurate diagnosis)
  • Vetinary referral to rule out and identify any health issues which may be influencing your dogs behaviour
  • First Consultation typically lasting 2 hours
  • Behaviour modification plan explaining your dog’s diagnosis and how to improve their behaviour
  • Follow up consultation typically lasting 2 hours
  • Support and advice between sessions and for up to 4 weeks after your follow up session via email, phone and Zoom